Environmental educators call for stronger action on climate change

Post-conference statement

We, the 200 environmental educators gathered at the 32nd NSW Environmental Educator's conference, will continue to work with the NSW community on sustainability. We now call on our political leaders to deliver stronger action to avoid dangerous climate change.

We acknowledge that:

* human activities are disrupting the global climate system which poses significant risks to all communities and ecosystems

*Australia is the most vulnerable developed country to the risks of climate change, as stated in  the 5th IPCC report 

* Australians are the highest per capita carbon emitters in the developed world and the 13th highest by volume

* Australians want real action on climate change

* Australia is in a unique position to be a leader in the Pacific region and beyond.

The science is clear and our obligation is to act now for the health and wellbeing of current and future generations. As educators, we are deeply aware of the critical need to take urgent action now to avoid burdening our young people with a problem that we have created.

We stand in solidarity for strong climate leadership for a safe climate future. This requires extremely urgent action by individuals, communities, business, government agencies and our political leaders.

Australia's position is demonstrably inadequate to prevent dangerous climate change.

We strongly urge the Federal Government to set far more ambitious emissions reduction targets to be tabled in Paris to be consistent with what is needed to keep global warming below the internationally agreed 2 degrees C.

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