The new AAEE NSW constitution was approved at the 2016 Annual General Meeting and has now been adopted.   

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Why was a change necessary? 

AAEE NSW was incorporated in NSW in 2009 and adopted the NSW Fair Trading's Model Constitution.  AAEE NSW is also a Chapter of the national incorporated body AAEE. The national constitution currently also references State Chapters and this has different requirements for AAEE NSW.  In effect AAEE NSW has acted under two constitutions since 2009: the National AAEE Constitution and the NSW Department of Fair Trading Model Constitution. 

At the 2015 AGM it was agreed that we needed to review this situation and redraft the constitution so it was in alignment with both NSW Government requirements and the AAEE national constitution. A Constitution Sub-committee was established to work on how to resolve this issue. There were two main outputs from the Committee:

1. A new AAEE NSW constitution was drafted

2. Changes to the national AAEE constitution were recommended, which were subsequently passed at the national AAEE AGM. 

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