Strategic Plan

Australian Association for Environmental Education (NSW Chapter) Strategic Plan 2015-2017

This plan sets out the vision, mission, core principles, strategic priorities and goals of the Australian Association for Environmental Education NSW Chapter (AAEE NSW) for 2015-2017.

Our Identity


  • the NSW professional association representing environmental educators from all sectors
  • part of a national organisation that represents environmental educators across Australia
  • a non-profit, member-based, non-government organisation that builds the capacity of members to contribute to ecologically sustainable communities and environmental conservation.

Since 1976, AAEE NSW has worked with government and non-government organisations in the interests of quality education and environmental change. The AAEE NSW approach to promoting environmental education is active, positive, cooperative and inclusive.

Our Vision

Ecologically sustainable communities that protect and conserve the environment for future generations.

Our Mission

Our primary aim is to enable environmental educators to contribute to ecologically sustainable communities and an ecologically sustainable society for future generations. We will do this by promoting education, training, capacity building activities, networking, partnerships and advocacy across NSW.

Our Core Principles

Our core principles support our vision and mission:

  • Sharing values that underpin sustainability.
  • Fostering a spirit of active citizenship in caring for the environment.
  • Respecting and reflecting local Aboriginal culture and heritage and including cultural and place-based learning.
  • Reflecting and addressing the needs of the specific target audiences in program design and delivery.
  • Enhancing the capacity of environmental educators to design, deliver and evaluate effective programs.
  • Working within, and expanding, the evidence base underpinning education and engagement, through reflection, monitoring and evaluation for continuous improvement.
  • Expanding collaboration and participatory engagement and promoting critical thinking, problem solving and action, through lifelong learning.

Our Strategic Priorities

Priority 1. Enabling High Quality Environmental Education

Goal 1.1 Deliver high quality and effective programs for educators.

We will plan and execute programs that enable environmental educators across NSW to deliver high quality outcomes for NSW communities and the NSW environment.

Goal 1.2 Promote networks and partnerships that promote good environmental education practice.

Our influence and reach will assist other organisations to develop and deliver quality environmental education programs that lead to ecologically sustainable communities and conservation of the environment.

Priority 2. Leadership and Advocacy

Consistent with our role as the professional organisation for NSW environmental educators, we will strive to effectively represent our members, exercise leadership, operate in a collaborative manner and invest time and resources in strengthening the environmental education movement.

Goal 2.1 Provide leadership for members and others across NSW who deliver environmental education

We will effectively represent the views and interests of our members across all sectors, exercise leadership, operate in a collaborative manner and invest time and resources in strengthening the environmental education movement.

Goal 2.2 Advocate effectively for public policy for environmental education

We will lead and advocate for public policy about education and engagement for sustainability on behalf of our members and the sector.

Priority 3. Good Organisational and Governance Process

Goal 3.1 Adhere to good governance and decision making processes

The affairs of AAEE NSW are conducted with a commitment to high quality governance practice including ethical, transparent, participatory and evidence-based decision making.

Goal 3.2 Seek diverse organisational funding

Financial sustainability is maintained through our strong membership base, user pays services, sponsorship, grant funds and other diversified funding opportunities.

Goal 3.3 Foster diverse and growing membership

Our membership is active, supportive and growing, ensuring relevance and representation of the association.