AAEE NSW has several sub-committees that work on a variety of tasks and make recommendations to the Executive. Members are welcome to join these - please email if you are interested in becoming involved.

Communications sub-committee – provides advice and direction on the Association’s communications strategy.  Plans communications activities using both traditional media and social media, and works in partnership with the other sub-committees to ensure a unified approach to AAEE NSW messaging and communications.

Conference sub-committee  – oversees all aspects of the NSW Environmental Education conference.

‘Conversations’ sub-committee – compiles a bi-annual magazine for AAEE NSW Members called ‘Conversations’. Members of the sub-committee source, write and edit articles, and compile these to make interesting editions.

Finance sub-committee – assists the Treasurer to manage, and make recommendations to the Executive about, the income and expenditure of AAEE NSW. Ensures the finances of the Association are managed effectively and enables a review of the financial management of its major activities and programs.

Local Government sub-committee – works with the Local Government sector to support and promote environmental and sustainability education provided by NSW councils. This includes promoting opportunities for professional development of NSW local government practitioners, and providing them with environmental and sustainability education networking and collaborating opportunities.

‘Make the Change’ sub-committee – works to progress the adoption and implementation of ‘Make the Change: A framework for education and engagement for environmental sustainability 2014-2021’.

Membership sub-committee – works collaboratively with environmental education professionals to ensure that AAEE NSW is cognisant of and responsive to their needs and expectations.

Nature and Place Education sub-committee – manages a small grant-funded program aimed at sharing the skills, knowledge and actions of environmental educators to enhance community-based nature and place education in NSW.

Partnerships sub-committee – makes recommendations to the Executive about partnerships with other organisations that can benefit our members.

Recognition sub-committee – highlights outstanding contributions in the field of environmental education and makes recommendations for Award recipients. 

Schools sub-committee – works with the education sector to support and promote environmental and sustainability education in NSW schools. This includes promoting opportunities for professional development of NSW teachers, and ensuring that environmental and sustainability education is represented and resourced within the NSW Curriculum. 

Sydney Sustainable Living Festival  –  formalises support for the Sydney Sustainable Living Festival by providing the structure and framework of an auspicing organisation for the festival.