Climate Catch Up: Eco-emotions & Environmental Education

Friday, 9 December 2022 - 1:00pm

We're thrilled to have Dr Beth Hill from Psychology for a Safe Climate joining us to facilitate this session. We hope it provides some space and strategies for self-care, reflection and personal growth. We're keenly aware that environmental educators tend to be deep thinkers with huge hearts sharing empathy for every living and non-living entity around us, and maybe sometimes we need a little support to turn that empathy inwards? How do we help ourselves to cultivate the habits, values and mindset that we aspire to? 

About the session:

  • An introduction to the area of climate psychology and the reality of climate distress (how it shows up in life and at work)
  • A chance to connect with colleagues in smaller breakout rooms for discussion
  • An emphasis on participation and personal reflection

About Dr Beth Hill:

Beth has a PhD in Anthropology researching the cultural and psychological dimensions of climate change, in particular
how communities come to terms with what climate change means in their daily lives.  Beth trained with Joanna
Macy in the Work that Reconnects. She facilitates workshops drawing on this approach, as well deep ecology,
mindfulness and creative processes involving art and writing.

The session is FREE - sign up here.