Free Sustainability Education Workshop- Bathurst

Tuesday, 19 March 2019 - 9:30am to 3:00pm

Planning a best practice project and introducing Take Me Outside

This FREE workshop is essential for anyone working on sustainability education projects or engaging with the community on environmental issues.

Learn the steps to planning a best practice Sustainability Education and Engagement project and discover how the new nature connection program ‘Take Me Outside’ can help your school, community group or government organisation.

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Lunch is provided.


Whether you are from local or state government, a school, non-government organisation, community group or business, this workshop is an essential part of your professional development for 2019.

  • Do you educate or engage with residents, students, landholders, community groups, businesses or colleagues on environmental issues?
  • Are you looking for project ideas, activities, resources and support to help students, educators and community members to get outdoors?
  • Do you have to report back to your organisation on how your education and engagement projects are helping our environment?
  • Would you like to know how to enhance your programs so that they incorporate best practice principles?
  • Are you interested in finding out how to work collaboratively with other organisations and sectors in your region?


How to plan a best practice Sustainability Education and Engagement project

'Right from the Start! A guide to planning your best practice sustainability education & engagement project' is a new resource that has been developed by the Australian Association for Environmental Education- NSW Chapter (AAEE NSW). It has been road tested by regional sustainability educator networks across NSW as part of a recent AAEE NSW project to increase the capacity of these networks and their leaders, with assistance from the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust.

This workshop will step you through how to plan your next sustainability education and engagement project using best practice principles. You will become familiar with our easy-to-follow project plan template to plan, manage, evaluate and promote your next project. Using 'Right from the Start!' will give you the confidence to design sustainability education projects that not only educate the community, but also empower them to become active citizens in caring for our environment.

The new nature connection program for kids and adults - Take Me Outside

In 2019, AAEE NSW proudly launches Take Me Outside NSW, a program from Canada that will build educator capacity to give children and adults an opportunity to reconnect with nature and spend time outdoors. Take Me Outside NSW will offer a 'one-stop-shop' for educators and the community to develop their own local projects and link with others in NSW on sustainability and environmental programs.

This workshop will provide you with Take Me Outside activities, support and resources, including the website, social media and templates. Throughout the workshop you will network and connect with other educators in your region who are looking for opportunities to collaborate on new projects that your organisation can be part of.


The workshops will be facilitated by sustainability education experts from the AAEE NSW Executive Committee, including Grahame Collier, Sue Martin, Jem Hansen, Erika Van Schellebeck and Ingrid Garland. These friendly facilitators bring years of expertise from local and state government, formal education, the community and business sector, to help you enhance your sustainability education skillset.


Workshop participants from a trial workshop we ran at the 2018 National AAEE Conference on the Gold Coast provided the following feedback:

 “Right from the Start is a great tool to use with stakeholders to determine project direction”- Local Council Officer

“The project planning template was very useful and the case studies were great”- Environmental Education Centre Teacher

“The workshop gave me practical steps to follow when planning a project”- State Government Officer

“Very informative and useful for designing programs”­- Not-for-profit Sustainability Educator

 “It was good to hear from and plan with others in authentic projects”- Federal Government Officer

“The workshop provided me with useful and comprehensive tools”- Environmental Consultant

“It helps to organise your thoughts around starting a project”- Environmental Education Centre Teacher

I love this as a framework to help my students understand how to evaluate change”- University Lecturer

“The Right from the Start planning template was good to layout ideas and see the process involved”- High School Teacher

“I can see where I can put it to use in both student and adult our programs”- U.S Environmental Education Centre Principal

 “It helps plan the project with the end game and outcomes in mind”- State Government Officer

These workshops are part of the ‘Best Practice Sustainability Education and Engagement for NSW’ project supported by the NSW Environmental Trust, the Western Rivers Environmental Education Network and Rahamim Ecology Centre.