Make the Change Framework Consultation

The NSW Chapter of the Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE NSW) has partnered with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) to develop an Education for Sustainability vision, agenda and advisory process for NSW called Make the Change: A framework for education and engagement for environmental sustainability 2014-2021 (hereafter called the ‘Framework’).

Essentially the project was designed to develop:

  1. An agreed draft vision, outcomes and key principles for education and engagement for sustainability in NSW for the next decade.
  2. A model of regional and state-wide collaboration to support cross-sectoral capacity building, sustainability gains and improved environmental quality for NSW; and a process for implementing it.
  3. Greater clarity about the nature and intent of education and engagement for sustainability despite how it is labelled; for example:  in government it is known as learning (or education) for sustainability, in vocational education they call it green skills, in business they call it training, the community sector calls it community building etc.

Funding was provided by the Office of Environment and Heritage to AAEE NSW to undertake this framework development. The project management team for AAEE NSW consisted of Grahame Collier (Project Manager), Mark Caddey, Sue Martin, Jem Hansen, Angela Colliver, Melissa Sellen and Sue Burton.

The project management team convened a working group of 13 key representatives from a cross-section of stakeholders in NSW to steer the development of the Framework. The working group met in August 2013 for a 1.5 day session to develop the first draft of the Framework, utilising extensive research and consultation undertaken by OEH over the last two years.

Stakeholder Consultation 

The first draft Framework was presented at the NSW Environmental Education Conference in September 2013 for preliminary feedback. Following revisions a consultation draft was presented for broad stakeholder consultation during November and December 2013 including:

  • A targeted online survey;
  • One-hour webinars providing an overview of the draft Framework and gather feedback from participants;
  • Consultation with existing environmental education networks & practitioner communities across NSW through local, volunteer consultation ‘champions’ using the Champions Kit developed for this purpose;
  • Consultation with a range of relevant existing organisations, e.g. Youth Advisory Council, CMA’s/Local Land Council and professional associations; and
  • Key informant interviews.

The 2013 Stakeholder Consultation Report is available - click here to view.

Input received during the 2013 consultation period was used to generate a 2nd Draft Framework, with a second Working Group workshop in late January 2014. A second round of stakeholder consultation was then conducted including:

  • Seven facilitated regional discussion forums held across NSW (see below);
  • A series of webinars (see below); and
  • An online discussion forum.

Regional Discussion Forums (2014)

The objectives of these Workshops was to:

  • Inform participants about the current draft of the Framework - its content and intent.
  • Engage participants in reviewing the 2014 draft Framework and collecting and aggregating their feedback.
  • Assist participants to consider how an endorsed Framework would be used to drive and shape their education and engagement for sustainability work into the future.


  • Sydney: 10th March 9:30 -12:30 - Coal Loader Sustainability Centre, Waverton. Hosted by North Sydney Council.
  • Western Sydney: 5th March 9:30-12:30 - Parramatta Lakes training room. Hosted by Parramatta City Council.
  • Illawarra: 13th March 2-5pm - State Office Block Crown St, Wollongong. Hosted by the Office of Environment and Heritage.
  • Hunter: 4th March 9:30-12:30 – Wetlands Education Centre, Sandgate Rd, Shortland. Hosted by the Hunter Wetlands Centre.
  • Armidale: 7th March 9:30-12:30 - Armidale Bowling Club. Hosted by Armidale Dumaresq Council.
  • Dubbo: 11th March 9:30-12:30 – Dubbo City Council Conference Rooms. Hosted by Dubbo City Council.
  • Albury: 10th March 2-5pm - Thurgoona Campus, Charles Sturt University. Hosted by the CSU Centre for Sustainability.
  • Coffs Harbour: 6th March 9:30-12:30 - Coffs Regional Community Garden. Hosted by Coffs Harbour City Council


Webinars informed participants about the current draft of the Framework (its content and intent), engaged participants in reviewing the 2014 draft Framework, and assisted participants to consider how an endorsed Framework would be used to drive and shape their education and engagement for sustainability work.

The 1 hour webinars were conducted online with live two-way audio and written feedback from attendees.

Webinar schedule:

  • Tuesday 18th March, 3.30pm - Teachers and EEC staff
  • Thursday 20th March, 1.00pm - ALL
  • Saturday 22nd March, 10.00am - ALL
  • Tuesday 25th March, 11.00am - Business Sector

Online discussion forum

A forum was available throughout March 2014 for all interested stakeholders to post comments or questions about the draft Framework.