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Doug Reckord
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In 2017/18 the Sapphire Coast Regional Science Hub- Sustainability Educators Network (SCRSH-SEN) are undertaking a collaborative best practice sustainability education and engagement project 'Birds of a Feather'. (Read project case study here.)

This project is supported by AAEE NSW through their regional capacity building project and the NSW Government's Environmental Trust.

Birds of a Feather
Getting teachers and students involved in citizen science and using citizen science tools is an important way to promote community involvement in natural resource management. The Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness (ALCW) is an important project documenting biodiversity on the Sapphire Coast of southern NSW and has partnered with NatureMapr to make supporting technology readily available for citizens and natural resource managers. 

The Birds of a Feather project will introduce teachers and students to citizen science, the Atlas and NatureMapr, while monitoring and improving school biodiversity, and is a fabulous way to connect schools with natural resource managers.  The project will involve the installation of bird baths with motion sensor cameras in two schools in the Bega Valley so that the children can discover what birds are visiting their school. The children will then plant shrubs within the school grounds to create new habitat for threatened native birds.

This is a collaborative project with the Sapphire Coast Regional Science Hub and Sustainability Educators Network, the Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness , Bournda Environmental Education Centre and the Australian Association for Environmental Education and is supported by the NSW government’s Environmental Trust.

About our network
SCRSH-SEN has been established by science and sustainability educators from the Sapphire Coast, which is located in the Bega Valley LGA. We are working with other educators throughout the South East of NSW and beyond.

Science and Sustainability educators/facilitators from all sectors are welcome to become members of the SCRSH-SEN.

Our Vision
SCRSH-SEN promotes the sustainable use and enjoyment of the natural environment and works to share the joy of life-long learning and its importance in creating understanding and stewardship of our world; we foster and celebrate community involvement in real scientific endeavour that contributes to sustainability. We are building a community of educators, from a diverse range of organisations and sectors (including natural resource management), collaborating to undertake best practice science and sustainability education and engagement for our region’s communities and environment.

Our Mission
Working together and communicating regularly on projects whilst supporting each other and encouraging best practice science and sustainability education and engagement.

Read our SCRSH-SEN Strategic Plan 2018- 2020