NSW Environmental Educator of the Year Awards

The NSW Environmental Educator of the Year Awards recognise individuals in NSW who show outstanding abilities to raise the level of environmental awareness in the community and who provide leadership, innovation and inspiration to others and contributing to quality environmental education.

2019 Award

Nominations for the 2019 Environmental Educator of the Year Awards are now closed

Applications have been accepted for 3 categories where a winner will be announced:

1. Government Educator of the Year
2. Formal Educator of the Year (early learning, primary. high school and tertiary educators)
3. Community Educator of the Year

One of the category winners will be selected by the judges as the overall 2019 NSW Environmental Educator of the Year winner.

Category winners and the overall winner will be announced at the 2019 NSW Environmental Education Conference Dinner on Friday 4 October 2019.

Thank you to all our nominees.

    2018 Award

    Congratulations to Nikki Dixon, winner of the Formal category, and overall 2018 NSW Environmental Educator of the Year Award! Nikki was announced as the winner at our Green Ed Drinks event on 4 October, in recognition of her work with Bungwahl Public School on the north coast of NSW.

    Congratulations also go to Erika Van Schellebeck who won the Community category, and Melissa Sellen who won the Government category of the Awards. Bradley van Luyt was also acknowledged as a highly commended entry in the Government category.

    Many thanks to our 2018 prize sponsors

    Past winners

    2018 - Nikki Dixon

    2017 - Nick Carson

    2016   Owen Dunlop

    2015   Judy Christie

    2014   Jem Hansen

    2013   Susan Mayo

    2012   Phil Smith

    2011    Nell Graham

    2010   Rosemary Hadaway 

    2009   Grahame Collier

    2008   Syd Smith

    2007   Helen Tyas Tunggal 

    2006   Helen Scott

    2004   Bill Dixon

    2002   Stuart DeLandre

    2001-2 Cameron Archer and Colin Mondy

    2000   No Award (due to dissolution of the AAEE State Executive)

    1999   Christine Prietto

    1998   Sue and Col Lennox  

    1997   Alan Fox 

    1996   David Goldney   

    1994   Joan Webb   

    1993   Max Maddock   

    1992   Beryl Strom   

    1991   Ken Schaefer 

    1990   Carolyn Pettigrew  

    1989   Geoff Young  

    1988   Neil Dufty   

    1987   Kevin McDonald   

    1986   Peter Metcalfe    

    1985   Di Collins  

    1984   Jack Sinclair 

    1983   Brian Gilligan    

    1982   David Tribe   

    1981   Allen Strom