Research Matters

For AAEE NSW, keeping up with current research is important.

Members will have noticed that each issue of the member e-newsletter (from late in 2017) now contains a Research Matters section, with a short report submitted by one of the members of our  Research Working Group. This is sometimes supplemented by a longer report outlining aspects of the research more fully.

These reports are linked below, with the most recent listed first.

If you have any feedback or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Research Matters 8 (June 2019) - Environmental Volunteering in NSW: A quantitative research report

Research Matters 7 (Feb 2019) - EE and Connecting Children to Nature Research Database

Research Matters 6 (Feb 2019) - Home to Us All: How Connecting with Nature Helps Us to Care for ourselves and the earth

Research Matters 5 (Sept 2018) - National standards for environment and sustainability learning and teaching at Australian universities

Research Matters 4 (Sept 2018) - Sustainable Development Goals driving new thinking and action

Research Matters 3 (March 2018) - Climate Council report: '2017: Another record-breaking year for heat and extreme weather'

Research Matters 2 (Dec 2017) - Decentralising the protection of Australian threatened species 

Research Matters 1 (Oct 2017) - Who cares about the environment?