There are many great books written by passionate environmental educators in NSW.

Here are a few to get you started!

A History of Environmental Education in New South Wales Schools (1960s-1990s) by David Tribe

This easy-to-read e-book documents the history of the Gould League in NSW, the establishment of our Environmental Education Centres and provides great reflections on the evolution of environmental education in NSW over 4 decades.

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Some Aspects of Nature Conservation in New South Wales during the 1950s and 1960s by Allen A Strom

This book is a must-read for anyone who wishes to know how to make environmental change for the better, particularly through government. Told by Allen Strom, Chief Guardian of Fauna for 10 years and a leading conservationist in Australia, the book describes his trials and tribulations in nature conservation, particularly when dealing with politicians and the machinations of bureaucracy. It also demonstrates what can be done to make change on a shoe-string budget, with few staff, but plenty of will and passion. It's a steal at $5.99 and all proceeds go to AAEE NSW.

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Chief Guardian: The Life and Times of Allen Strom by Allen Fox and Neil Dufty

Launched online in November 2016, this e-book details the life and times of Allen Strom, an iconic figure in the early days of environmental education in NSW. He was a teacher,an education officer at the Australian Museum, and instrumental in setting up the National Parks Association. Allen was also heavily involved in setting up national parks on the Central Coast and was a pivotal early member of the Nature Conservation Council. For ten years he was the Chief Guardian of Fauna on the Fauna Protection Panel, before the NPWS was established.
The e-book was originally written by Allan Fox, a contemporary and friend of ‘Stromies', however it was not completed prior to Allan Fox’s death in 2010. Most people thought it was lost. But the ‘gang of five’ – long-term AAEE members Kevin McDonald, Syd Smith, Ken Schaefer, David Tribe and Neil Dufty – found the manuscript, reworked it and had it published on Kindle. It is a great read about a wonderful man - a man who was central to establishing structures, principles and processes that have continued to this day.

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Green Schools Globally: Stories of Impact on Education for Sustainable Development edited by Annette Gough, John Chi-Kin Lee and Po Keung Eric Tsang

This book brings together stories of the green schools movement ((Eco Schools, Enviroschools, Green Schools, Sustainable Schools, ResourceSmart Schools etc) in several countries around the world, with a focus on the impact of the movement on the development and implementation of education for sustainable development in each of the countries.  In particular, each story will explain the history of the movement per country, its current status, achievements, obstacles and broader impact.

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Researching Early Childhood Education for Sustainability edited by Sue Elliott, Eva Ärlemalm-Hagsér and Julie Davis

Sustainability is a global issue that urgently needs addressing, and the most serious consequences are for children and future generations. This book captures the now burgeoning ECEfS research from an ever-widening and diverse pool of researchers. With contributions from around the world, the text engages with perspectives that challenge dominant, Western worldviews about sustainability, nature and children with global standpoints. The editors promote and explain the latest ECEfS research from researchers who share ethically-reimagined worldviews in a time of urgent need for change driven by humanity’s shared sustainability challenges and current UN global policy.

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Working outside the square within: A history of Environmental Education Centres within the NSW Department of Education (1970-2017) thesis by Anne Marie Ross

Environmental education began in the late 1960s to early 1970s. At the same time, the NSW Department of Education started establishing field studies centres, later known as environmental education centres. They started developing and disseminating environmental education. Evolving from nature study and conservation education, environmental education crucially encompasses an action component of being “for” the environment as well as “about” and “in” the environment. This historical analysis narrates the establishment and development of these centres, and environmental education/education for sustainability, through the phenomenon of the 1970s growth in socially conscious governance, to the public managerialism of the 1980s and 1990s, into the tightening tentacles of neoliberalism. With an action-oriented ethos, the centres have made a significant contribution to shifting the agenda toward a more sustainable future, connected to our environment relative to a world heavily influenced by our consumeristic society.

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