Case Studies

'Write It Up' Guide

Write it Up! is a resource developed by AAEE to encourage sustainability education practitioners to share their experiences through writing and case studies. The guide gives detailed information on how to write great sustainability education case studies. The guide was launched through a series of workshops in 2008. You can access the full course materials here or view the case studies here.

Best Practice Environmental Education Case Studies

In 2016 AAEE NSW received funding from the NSW Environmental Trust for the project Equipping regional sustainability education networks for creating change. As part of this project, we supported participants to work within their Regional Sustainability Education Networks to develop:

  1. A strategic plan for their network outlining their vision, objectives, guiding principles, membership and administration etc;
  2. A small collaborative best practice sustainability education & engagement project with network members using $1,500 of seed funding from the NSW Environmental Trust;
  3. A case study of the best practice project undertaken by their network.

Check out all the case studies here

Local Government

LGNSW has developed a range of case studies showcasing the work of councils in NSW to embed sustainability programs into their communities. Check them out here