Below are environmental education-related websites for your professional development and use.

Australian Association for Environmental Education (national body)

Australian Government
Department of the Environment and Energy -
Australian Government Calendar of Environmental Events

Australian Research Institute for Environment and Sustainability (ARIES)
A not-for-profit research and consultancy centre at Macquarie University that exists to assist change for sustainable development -

Local Government NSW
The peak organisation representing NSW Councils has resources and best practice case studies on how to educate and engage with communities, businesses, workplaces and Councillors on sustainability -

Community change specialist Les Robinson provides books, booklets, videos, articles, a blog, weblinks and training on how to design behaviour change projects -

Fostering Sustainable Behaviour- Community-Based Social Marketing
Environmental Psychologist Doug McKenzie-Moir provides books, articles, case studies and training on how to use community-based social marketing to foster sustainable behaviours -

Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability Association (ACTS)
The primary forum for sustainability in the Australian and New Zealand tertiary sectors, its mission is to promote the integration of the principles of sustainability within the curricula and operations of these sectors -

SustainableNet Forums - 'sharing knowledge for sustainability'
An initiative of Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW and the Urban Sustainability Support Alliance, this website includes forums on Sustainable Community Education, Sustainable Business Education, Organisational Change and 11 other topics areas -

The Urban Sustainability Support Alliance (USSA)
USSA is a project that aims to help NSW councils progress towards sustainability.
Case Studies -
Resource Database -

Birds in Backyards
A research, education and conservation program focusing on the birds that live where people live -

Green Up Your Life! 
An example of a successful sustainable living program from Manly Council, the program includes workshops, children’s activities, bus tours, bike tours, clothing swaps, documentary screenings, recycled art workshops and presentations -

Centre for Ecological Learning 
CEL in Bellingen provides an inspiring example of adventurous and enlightening nature camps and leadership training, projects and campaigns -

Who Cares about the Environment?
A social research series conducted since 1994 by the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage to track trends in the public's environmental views, priorities, knowledge and actions -